Gas & Oil Boiler Servicing


A Gas safe standard boiler & appliance service includes

  • Visual checks of flue ways and terminal
  • Flue flow tests
  • Spillage tests
  • Combustion air requirements confirmed and checked
  • Gas rates for appliance
  • Standing pressures
  • Working pressure at the appliance
  • Working pressure at the meter
  • Integrity of overall installation (gas tightness test)
  • Checks against all relevant standards and regulations (IS 813)
  • Flame picture during operation
  • Checks of safety devices
  • Cleaning of fan assembly/burner assembly/heat exchanger
  • Check on pilot injectors and where necessary cleaning/changing
  • Check of Seals
  • Flue gas analysis
  • RGII Cert on completion
  • Tagging of boiler with service date & information


A boiler which is not regularly serviced can present a safety risk and may be operating in-effectively – costing you more money than is necessary for the level of heating you require.

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