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Viessmann Boiler Replacement

As a boiler becomes older it loses efficiency and often becomes more unreliable. Using up more energy, an older boiler will eat into your heating costs.

The standard boiler lasts for 10-15 years. Anything longer than this amount of time and you run the risk of causing problems for yourself in the long run. According to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) after 15 years gas boilers efficiency can drop to 60%.

With a Viessmann boiler replacement, you get much better quality and value over standard boilers. A German brand, Viessmann provide many items as part of their standard service while other manufacturers may not include these at all or at additional costs.

What you can expect:

– Applicable for SEAI Grant
– 98% efficiency
– 4 Pipe System
– 5 Year Comprehensive parts and Labour Warranty
– 10-year warranty heat exchanger

To get your new top of the range Viessmann boiler fitted fill out our contact form or phone Gas Safe Ltd on 01 969 5219.

New Attic Tank Fitted

There are many reasons why you might need a new attic water tank fitted. One of the most common reasons is that your attic tank is no longer safe to use. This is particularly the case for older houses.

If your attic water tank is leaking or broken and it needs replacement our team of qualified plumbers are at hand. We will diagnose and rectify any fault, fitting a new attic tank into your home if needs be.

We highly recommend fitting a new attic tank as old tanks can corrode and contaminate the water supply within your home. Think metal pieces, rust or dust contaminating the water supply. An attic tank that is rusting and having an increased risk of leaking won’t only affect your water supply, it could bring the whole ceiling below down. Watch out for those dirty brown water stains above and if you see them contact us immediately.

To get your new attic water tank fitted fill out our contact form or phone Gas Safe Ltd on 01 969 5219.

Hot Water Cylinder Replacement

In any central heating system, a hot water cylinder is the glue that keeps everything together. The hot water cylinder is crucial for your home heating system. If you notice the following it may be time for a replacement:

  • Lack of hot water from your taps and showers
  • Lukewarm water even though you’ve had the heating on for a good while
  • Rumbling or banging noises from your hot water cylinder
  • Water leaks from your tank
  • Faulty Pressure Relief Valve

Safety reasons are a priority. However, replacing your hot water tank could save you up to 25% in annual heating costs. If you notice any of the above mentioned and want to save money, call us on 01 969 5219 to arrange your replacement today.

Plumbing Installations

Our qualified and experienced team of expert Plumbers are available to assist with full installations as well as diagnosing and rectifying any fault – in an effective and efficient manner. We offer plumbing services in relation to:

  • Vanity unit suites, urinals, back to wall wc’s, cisterns
  • Copper, plastic and poly pipe installations, repairs and maintenance
  • Siphons, ball valves, pan connectors overhauled and replaced
  • Taps, isolation valves, double check valves
  • Burst pipes and leaks
  • Immersion elements and thermostats
  • Thermostatic radiator valves and system balancing

In addition to being vastly experienced in finding reactive solutions, our dedicated teams of expert tradesmen are fully adaptable for any type of installation, regardless of size:

  • Mains water supply, building and setting up pumps for toilets or gravity systems
  • Cold water storage tanks, feed and expansion tanks
  • Indirect and direct hot water cylinders, expansion vessels and un-vented systems
  • Bathroom refurbishments
  • Washing machine and dishwasher installations
  • Shower installations

The risk of breakdown or failure of any commercial boiler can be reduced significantly by effective maintenance and servicing.

Whether you require the peace of mind afforded by a regular maintenance contract or a once-off service and maintenance visit, Gas Safe can assist.

Our commercial boiler engineers are qualified in many aspects of gas boiler servicing.

If the service you require is not listed, please call for advice as we are equipped to handle almost all boiler related work.

  • Qualified Engineers
  • Reduce Breakdowns
  • Regular maintenance
  • Once-off service

Our expert gas engineers can provide central heating installation throughout your home or rental accommodation. You could be benefit from the comfort of hot water and heat, delivered in an efficient and cost-effective manner – within a matter of weeks following your initial inquiry.

We can design heating solutions for houses, apartments and flats of all ages and design. If you are looking to change the structure and distribution of hot water, want higher pressure in certain parts of the home or are simply looking for ways of dramatically cutting your heating bills by replacing out-dated and inefficient equipment – please give us a call.

Our plumbing skills combined with Gas Safe engineering service means that we can provide a solution to bring you hot water and heat, where you want it, when you want it.

We can supply & fit all styles of radiators and valves to suit your home.

When it comes to hot water we can offer advice on the use of highly insulated hot water Cylinders, combined with condensing gas boilers.

Visit our SEAI section for more information.


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