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A guide to Viessmann boilers for Dublin

Your boiler is one of the most important appliances in a modern home. We rely on it to keep our families warm and comfortable, regardless of what the weather is doing outside. Being without heat and hot water for even a short period of time would be awful. Thankfully, modern boilers are extremely reliable. However, regular servicing and the recommended maintenance will substantially reduce the likelihood of a breakdown even further.

In this post we’ll try to answer all the main questions about the installation, maintenance, and costs of choosing a Viessmann boiler in Dublin.

About Viessmann boilers

Viessmann is a long established and trusted brand. Established in 1917 and serving more than 11 countries, Viessmann is well known in most developed markets. The range of boilers they offer is designed to ensure they have a solution for any size or type of home. Each type of boiler is also available with a range of heat outputs and water flows, increasing the suitability for specific homes further. They manufacture combi-boilers, system boilers, heat-only boilers and storage combis.

The importance of maintenance

The importance of properly maintaining your Viessmann boiler can’t be overstated. An annual check by a qualified and experienced professional, regardless of the age of your boiler, not only greatly reduces the likelihood of a breakdown, but it also helps to keep your family safe by making sure everything is working properly. Some people just have a gas safety inspection, while others will just have a service. To ensure your boiler remains efficient and safe, both are recommended. They can usually be performed at the same time, keeping the cost and inconvenience to a minimum.

There is a crossover between the requirements of a service and safety inspection, so the time saving can be considerable. The engineer will normally check your air supplies, flues, boiler, and any associated safety devices or equipment are all working as they should be.

If you have a newer boiler that is still under warranty, then sticking to the service and inspection schedule will ensure you remain covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

A Viessman boiler in Dublin can save you money

A new Viessmann boiler in Dublin can save you money in more ways than one. As well as modern boilers being much more efficient, reducing your utility bills, they are also far less likely to generate any repair bills. The savings can be even greater if your current boiler isn’t the correct size or type for your home. If you have a boiler that is ten or more years old, then the savings can easily be in the hundreds of euros every year.

The types of boilers available

There are different types of boilers available. Viessmann boilers in Dublin can provide combi boilers, conventional boilers, or system boilers. Choosing the right type and system for your home can make a huge difference. Below we’ll list some of their main characteristics to help you better understand your choices.

Combi boilers

Combi boilers are the most popular choice in modern homes. With a combi boiler water is heated straight from the mains and delivered at pressure, removing the need for separate pumps or power showers. A combi boiler often takes up less space, as it removes the need for a hot water cylinder. The lack of a tank can also cut the cost of installation. Because the water is heated on demand it can take a few seconds before the water gets warm, and the pressure can reduce if several people are using taps in different parts of the house at the same time.

Conventional boilers

Conventional boilers can be more effective in a home with lots of bathrooms and heavy use. This type of system can be overkill for smaller homes and take up more space. They are typically found in older properties. They can send hot water to multiple rooms with no loss in pressure, and many systems also have an immersion heater as a backup, so you can still have hot water even if the boiler breaks down. A conventional boiler does require a little more planning, as water isn’t heated instantly you’ll have to program your thermostat to ensure the water is always preheated when it will be needed. If all the hot water in the tank is used before you’re finished, you’ll have to wait for more water to be heated. Most older properties have their hot water cylinder and cold-water tank in the lofts, but space can be an issue on some properties.

System boilers

A system boiler can be a great option for household that consume a lot of hot water. They work in a similar way to a combi boiler but also feature a storage cylinder. They are most commonly found in large family homes or B&Bs etc. Multiple taps can be used without any loss in pressure. The compact size makes them an ideal choice for people with space issues, and installation is often quicker and easier. However, while they are relatively compact, they are bigger than a traditional boiler because of the internal water tank.

Why use GasSafe?

When you’re investing money in your home you want to make sure you’re spending it wisely. It’s important to make the right decisions for several reasons, your family’s comfort, running costs, and resale value if you’re thinking of selling your house in the near future.

The best way to ensure you don’t waste your money is to use an experienced and qualified professional to give you advice and carry out your installation. We have years of experience providing heating and plumbing services throughout Ireland. From boiler services and safety inspections to full installations, including Viessmann boilers in Dublin. We are also a trusted partner for many property management companies and landlords, taking care of everything from safety certificates, fires, cookers, boiler upgrades, to radiators and valves.

We have a long list of satisfied customers that have benefitted from our expertise and excellent customer service.

Here’s why an annual gas boiler service in Dublin is crucial

There are very good reasons why the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors Ireland (APHCI) are pushing for stricter regulation. Many homeowners don’t realise how important a regular gas boiler service in Dublin is. It’s estimated there are currently over 100’000 illegal boilers installed in homes in Ireland, which is putting homeowners and tenants at risk.

In addition to the potential lethal threat of ignoring your gas boiler service in Dublin, there are also many other advantages. Below we’ll share all the information you need to ensure you and your family stay safe, warm, and a little wealthier.

Make sure your family stays safe

Having a regular gas boiler service in Dublin helps to ensure everything is working as it should be. This dramatically reduces the chances of something going wrong, such as a gas leak or carbon monoxide poisoning. A gas boiler service also checks every component in your boiler, reducing the risk of a fire or explosion due to a lack of maintenance. Rented properties should already have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted, but it’s also a good idea for private residential homes too. Carbon monoxide has no noticeable smell, making it a quick and silent killer.

The peace of mind you gain by having a regular gas boiler service in Dublin is priceless. The potential consequences of pushing your luck to save a few euros are too great. Ignoring it has the potential to be a lethal mistake.

A gas boiler service in Dublin saves you money

While we all like to save a few euros, and it can be tempting to put things off when money is tight, it’s false economy to ignore your gas boiler service in Dublin. Regular maintenance improves the efficiency and reliability of your boiler, saving you money on your energy bills. It also means a qualified engineer will spot any potential problems early and deal with them before they evolve into bigger problems, which saves you money over the longer term.

Some boilers are still under the manufacturers warranty. Not having your gas boiler service in Dublin at the recommended intervals can invalidate your warranty, leaving you to pick up the bill. If there’s ever a problem that causes damage to other parts of your home, some insurance companies will try to avoid paying out if you haven’t maintained your boiler properly.

Create a comfortable home

As summer ends and the colder months are just around the corner, now is the perfect time to ensure your gas boiler and heating system are all in good shape before the harsher months start. The coming winter months put far more strain on your boiler as you’ll use it more frequently and at higher temperatures. The colder weather also makes winter the worst time to have any sort of breakdown.

Knowing your gas boiler will keep you and your family nice and cosy gives you added peace of mind for the coming winter months.

It’s not just money you’re saving

While a regular gas boiler service in Dublin will help ensure your boiler runs efficiently, saving you money on your utility bills, the more efficiently it works the less fuel it will use, and subsequently, the smaller your carbon footprint will be. This means a regular gas boiler service in Dublin isn’t just good for your bank balance, but for the planet as well.

Do you need a new gas boiler?

There comes a point, of course, where even the best maintained boilers become less efficient to a point where it’s worth considering a replacement. You can find a guide to help you make a decision on the Sustainable Energy Association of Ireland (SEAI) website. As a rough guide, they suggest you should start to consider swapping most standard household boilers once they are over about fifteen years old.

This fifteen-year mark is the tipping point where most boilers become so inefficient it becomes cost effective to have a new one installed. Even if you’re old boiler is working well, the newer technology that’s developed over this period can save you approximately twenty five percent on your heating bill. The fact it will also be more reliable and safer is an added bonus.


Use accredited professionals for your gas boiler service

You want to have confidence in the work carried out. Ensuring the company you use to perform your gas boiler service in Dublin is properly trained and accredited will guarantee you have peace of mind. Accreditation means you know their workmanship is to a minimum level of competency. It’s also illegal for someone who isn’t registered as a gas installer to service or repair your boiler.

Make a note of the due date

It can be easy for things to slip our minds when everything is working as it should. It can be a good idea to set a reminder in your phone or mark the date on your calendar to help you remember. It can also be a good idea to book your gas boiler service in Dublin well in advance to avoid getting caught out at busier times of year.

Choose professionals that put your safety first

All the engineers at Gas Safe Engineering are trained and experienced professionals. We work to very high standards, ensuring your family’s safety and the quality of the work. Using us guarantees complete peace of mind for all plumbing and heating work. You’ll know there are competent professionals providing the best possible service.

Our customer support team are a friendly bunch and always happy to help. They’ll deal with any enquiry you have efficiently. Gas Safe Engineering are also members of several trade organisations, including the Register of Gas Installers of Ireland. If you need a gas boiler service, or simply have a query you’d like help with, then don’t hesitate to call us on 01 969 5219, or e-mail us on info@gassafe.ie and we’ll be happy to help.

Why You Need A Gas Boiler Service

Regularly servicing your boiler is not only more environmentally friendly but a lot safer for you and your household. A gas boiler service ensures everything is ticking over correctly and working to maximum efficiency, thus, saving money in the long run and avoiding break downs.


Winter, in particular, is the time when you need your gas boiler the most. After the summer months, your boiler is switched on following a long period of inactivity. If your gas boiler is not serviced on a regular basis this could be a struggle.


A Gas Boiler Service Is Safer

The ultimate concern of a gas boiler service is ensuring safety for you and your family. The experts will be able to determine if there are any gas leaks or presence of carbon monoxide, the silent and odourless killer.

When your gas boiler is serviced there are a number of thorough tests carried out by a registered gas installer. You can find out about what exactly a gas boiler service entails here.


A Gas Boiler Service Helps With Saving Money

A part of the service is checking whether or not your boiler is burning gas efficiently. A boiler going through more gas than it’s supposed to be is going to cost more money.

With the service, your boiler will be adjusted if this scenario is the case. By having a gas boiler service once a year you could save up to €150 off your annual heating bill.


A Boiler That’s Serviced Lasts Longer

The standard gas boiler in Dublin can start from anywhere at €1500 to over €2000 to replace. Then you have to consider installation costs on top of that.

Regularly servicing your boiler makes it last longer. It is advised to get your boiler checked on an annual basis to reduce wear and tear over time and keep it in good working condition.


Lessens The Risk Of Break Downs

A gas boiler service cannot prevent a breakdown, what it can do, however, is spot the signs early on for any malfunction. Don’t leave it too late for a breakdown to happen. Save money in the long run, a lot of hassle and make your home safer by getting a registered gas installer to look into it.


Gas Boiler Service Dublin

When you need a gas boiler service in Dublin our team of fully qualified and registered gas installers are always at hand to provide you with the most thorough of services. Ensure your gas boiler is working to maximum efficiency to prevent breakdowns.

Call us today on 01 969 5219 or email info@gassafe.ie today.


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